Matt is a CLASS post-doctoral fellow at Nanyang Technological University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  He earned his PhD in 2016 at the Australian National University. Matt’s primary research interests lie mainly within the sociology of science, technology, and health, particularly with regard to developments in the neurosciences and their applications in shaping normative obligations of biocitizenship. 

Currently, Matt pursues this interest through genealogies of neuroethics and moral neuropsychology, along with critical analysis of consumer-facing neurotechnologies that generate new ethics of self-care.  Beyond this, he is looking to explore interdisciplinary avenues between the social sciences and neurosciences.

Also of recent research interest is the acceleration of AI applications (particularly machine learning and automation) in everyday forms of classification and governance, which threatens to inscribe pernicious biases and inequalities in even harder forms.  

More broadly Matt is also interested in the ‘virtuous play’ of Quantified Self health-tracking practices, and related web-based developments in health (eg. crowdfunding for personal medical expenses).

Matt also has a research interest in cultural sociology, especially around spectacles of ‘prosumption’ and affective labour, which infuses life under late capitalism with new meaning.  Previously, this line of inquiry was fostered through research into the Hillsong megachurch, and is currently pursued via a project on the ever-escalating spectacle of the contemporary wedding.