Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Risky Disciplining: On Interdisciplinarity between Sociology and Cognitive Neuroscience - European Journal of Social Theory (2019)

Tactics of the Ugly Australian: Morality, masculinity, nationalism, and governance amid a cheating controversy - Journal of Sociology (2019)

‘Their time and their story’: Inscribing belonging through life narratives and role expectations in wedding videography - Social Beings, Future Belongings (2019)

Virtuous Play: The Ethics, Pleasures, and Burdens of Brain Training - Science as Culture

Seeker Friendly: The Hillsong megachurch as an enchanting Total Institution - Journal of Sociology

Worshipping Bodies: Affective Labour in the Hillsong Church - Geographical Research

Neuroethics and ideals of the citizen-subject: A sociological critique of an emerging discipline - TASA Refereed Conference Proceedings

Book Reviews

Instrumental Intimacy: EEG Wearables and Neuroscientific Control - Configurations (Book Review)

No room for 'playa haters' in interdisciplinary collaborations - BioSocieties (Book Review)

A Sociology of the Total Organization: Atomistic Unity in the French Foreign Legion - Contemporary Sociology (Book Review)

Popular Articles

The Ethics, Pleasure, and Burdens of Brain Training - Cyborgology

Still Alice and advocacy for Alzheimer's in fiction - The Conversation

At Hillsong, religious expression is a global corporate brand - The Conversation

Celebrating Oliver Sacks' romantic science and a life now ending - The Conversation

Other Work

NTU-NISTH Ideas Challenge: AI for Humanity

Sweat, saliva, sugar, soil, sandpaper: The ironic threat of ‘dirt’ in sport, and the paranoid governance of mundane artefacts (under review)

Crisis crowdfunding and markets of moral worthiness (talking points, updated July 2019)